Sociopolitical Quotes: Zionist Comic

“(Superman) is a Jew. Kal-El, Superman’s name in Kripton, is an Hebrew word that means ‘the voice of God’.

Superman’s authors were Jews, and they put their culture and philosophy in him. In addition, only a Jew could be named Clark Kent.


And the same about X-Men, which are based in antisemitism.

I think Spiderman is the most Jewish superheroe. He remembers me Woody Allen because Peter Parker -Spiderman’s real name-, is the typical Jew from New York, weak and nervous, and his motivation is guilty conscience, and this is something very Jew”. (Simja Weinstein, rabbi from New York).

* * * * * * *

“My inspirations were the fact that I had to make sales. And I had to come up with characters that were no longer stereotypes. In other words I couldn’t depend on gangsters anymore, I had to get something new. And … for some reason, I went to the Bible. And I came up with Galactus. And there I was in front of this tremendous figure, who I knew very well, because I always felt him, and I certainly couldn’t treat him the same way that I would any ordinary mortal … and of course the Silver Surfer is the fallen angel. …[T]hey were figures that have never been used before in comics. They were above mythic figures, and of course, they were the first gods“. (Jack Kirby, Jew, comic book artist).




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